Redefining Utility with Ian Sinclair Design

Typically, your average blue collar worker always carries a Utility knife with them. Wether, you are an electrician that needs one for cutting wires or a farm hand who might need it in the fields.  For us office working folk a pocket knife is pretty much our only option. However, these bring with them their own set of problems. They typically are bulky and the legalities are different in each province. Ian Sinclair design has solved this problem by providing us. with a knife so small that it can be carried in your wallet like a credit card. Founded in 1964, This design house works with an in house team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers and CGI artists to bring us some very innovative products.

cardsharp2 credit card unfolded

photo 1-7

Although very thin, I was surprised at how robust this little knife is. The blade is an anodized steel and the packaging was fantastic.  It would make a great gift for someone who has everything.

Check them out at

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